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Kibwe Daisy
Master Interior Design

"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." John Lennon

I first became interested in architecture after taking a course my senior year in high school in my hometown, New Orleans, LA. The last day of class, my instructor told me, "You should be an architect". Unfortunately, I was already enrolled at the University of Richmond, in Richmond, VA which did not have an architecture program. I graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration. After working in banking, I started to think about the words of my high school teacher. I then decided to look at architecture schools. I was drawn to the BAC by the practice curriculum. I was excited to apply the skills I was learning in school on the job and bring real experiences into the classroom.

Working in the field exposed me to how firms really work and how projects come to life. While working at a small interior design firm in the South End in Boston, I realized that I was most passionate about interior architecture and the intimacy of connecting with people through space. After two years studying architecture at the BAC, I decided to transfer to the MID program. Now, I am working on my thesis which is on transforming reality through escapism in design. My program, a boutique hostel, provides a uniquely designed experience that unites interior design and communal living to help people see that they can blur the lines between real and imaginary which transforms their everyday lives.

Kibwe was awarded the Glassman Award for his Segment II Portfolio.