AIAS-BAC Chapter Election Results are in!

We are delighted to announce the following election results for the BAC 2009-2010 Academic year for the BAC-AIAS chapter:

President: Kyle Branchesi
As a third year Bachelor of Architecture student, Kyle was just recently elected and will serve as as an Atelier Student Representative for the 2009-2010 school year as well as the BAC-AIAS Chapter President. Kyle's love of architecture and design began early on. He believes students at the BAC have a huge opportunity and can impact society through design. Kyle believes that students who focus on what they can provide to society-to improve the lives of people, will be the most relevant.

Vice President: Sylvia Mi Williams

Since relocating from Washington, D.C. to Boston last semester, Sylvia Mi has consistently been involved in the AIAS as a student member along with her focus to complete the Bachelor of Architecture degree at the B.A.C. Her passion lays in architecture, “green living” and residential design. One of her enjoyments in life is to offer her time to the community; she volunteers for the Boston Society of Architects, the Solar Decathlon on the Sponsorship Team and as a SketchUp instructor. With over three years experience in high-end commercial and residential design, she has established and continues to build a strong local and global network of architects and interior designers. For leisure, she attends industry events and lectures to stay on the edge with the latest advancements in the architectural field. Her core belief is to encourage architectural involvement to connect industry advancements with personal and professional modalities. Sylvia Mi is thrilled to be elected as V.P. and excited to explore the AIAS initiatives with current and new members in the upcoming year.

Treasurer: Derek Camara
While at the BAC, Derek has taken advantage of the fast-pace lifestyle by working and learning concurrently; such experience is clearly what is necessary to excel in the design world. Derek is involved with the Boston Society of Architects and the Newport Preservation Society. His interests include sustainable design, art, drawing, traveling, and skiing. As a former AOP student, Derek has volunteered to mentor other AOP students that transition from AOP to a Concurrent schedule.

Secretary: Randolph Wolters
Originally from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Randolph has been interested in architecture ever since working with his first LEGO set. He is the first American in my family. Randolph describes himself as a funny and outgoing person with a lot of energy. He's an active BAC student and is involved with many BAC programs.