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Current Service Opportunities 2009

Architectural Signage
– The Somerville Public Library seeks a design consulting team to develop a comprehensive signage system to be used throughout the various library departments, with a coordinated design, a clearly legible hierarchy of information, and quick and easy visual guidance to key departments, specific topical categories, the organizing system within library bookshelves, and instructions for patrons about library use. Graphic design, signage ,and library project experience are all assets for the design team, but previous library work is not required.

2009 Youth Community Design Summit Volunteers – Planning is now underway for CDRC-Boston’s second annual Youth Community Design Summit, and we’re looking for volunteers! The Summit this year, scheduled for late June, will focus around involving youth in transforming vacant lots in Roxbury into urban gardens for agriculture, community skills- and relationship-building, and environmental education. We’re in need of event planners and organizers; researchers to help us identify good study sites, and community organization partners for the charrette and follow-up projects; and mentors to work with youth on the day of the event.

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