BAC Runners Win Architecture for Humanity 5k Road Race

Artesani Park along the Charles River was the site, last Sunday, May 10, for the fourth annual Architecture for Humanity Boston 5k Fundraiser Road Race. With a team consisting of Clara Castro, Sylvia Williams, Derek Camara, Saira Boyle, Kyle Branchesi, Lindsay Smith, and Amit Shah as a race volunteer, BAC finished first as a group for the event with special thanks to BAC Student Lindsay Smith who came in first for the BAC team!

A chance was had for BAC Student and teammate, Kyle Branchesi to reflect on this athletic feat:

How was the 5K/How well do you think everyone did?
"If you showed up then I say you did well, BAC students ranged across the board, from walkers to some of the fastest runners at the event. It was great to see so many students present. All the BAC students finished, and that is a great accomplishment."

This road race was a fundraiser for the Architecture for Humanity-Boston chapter, how much money do you think was raised?
"Lian Davis, a student at the BAC was in attendance, his former co-worker sets up the event every year. Lian informed me that about 400 people signed up and paid to participate. Architecture for Humanity-Boston raised about $8000 from participants alone."

How many BAC students do you think participated?
"There was a large turnout of BAC students. I recognized about 10 students and I am sure there were more students there I did not recognize. It certainly was a great turnout. Even a few students I saw volunteered for the event. It shows how involved the BAC student body is in the architecture community of Boston. Hopefully with each year, as the event grows, the BAC will have a stronger presence, and it is all for a great cause."

Exactly when do you have time to run (besides in your sleep)?
"Well now that the semester is almost over, hopefully I can run more often. Clara Castro a student at our school asked me if I was going to sign up. And to promote the run at the BAC, we had a group of us go for runs on the weekends leading up to the event. Many of us are planning to sign up for more 5k charity races over the summer to improve and to better represent the BAC at next year's Architecture for Humanity-Boston 5k run/walk."

Any funny or memorable moments?
"I believe that architecture students can have fun doing almost anything and there were many memorable moments. It was puddle mania during the race as it rained heavily the night before. I hit a giant puddle right before the finish line and was soaked. A little embarrassing but it was a nice cool down. At the end I gathered all the BAC students that were left and we staged some photographs. We were all happy to have participated and have finished."

Architecture for Humanity Boston is a Boston based group of design professionals promoting socially responsible volunteerism through design advocacy, public education, and community action. We are an all-volunteer organization.