Stankowicz Gallery Exhibit :: Now Showing :: 4th Floor 320 Newbury Street Building


Difficult Times Present Unique Opportunities to Learn and Stay Concurrent

When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters – one represents danger, and one represents opportunities.

BAC students have been especially challenged to find credit-bearing employment and maintain their concurrent status during this economic downturn. Thus, faculty, administration and students have joined to develop an array of practice alternatives; some are new and unconventional while others have always been available, though infrequently utilized. Numerous students received limited federal work study grants for their participation; others took on the assignments without any monetary compensation.

This exhibit brings together a thoughtful and rather revealing assortment of examples that attest to the success of this experiment – alternative project work with students receiving a prescribed amount of practice credit. More importantly, students have acquired experience and valuable skills which in many instances might have been less available to them in more standard office settings. Vigorous, supervised and mentored in ways that have allowed them to grow and advance in their design educations.

We live in times of exponential change. Many diverse factors clearly underscore that the design arena will not be the same place to function in and learn when the economy recovers. The scores of students involved with this experiment – one that will continue and expand in the fall – understand this reality; while they wait for the turnaround they have been honing their skills, gaining new self-confidence, and positioning themselves to succeed.

All are welcome to view the current exhibit in the Stankowicz Gallery, found on the 4th floor of the 320 Newbury Street building. Contact Practice for more information.