Competition :: The Community Prize from Architecture for Humanity, Due August 23

The Community Prize
Take Design It: Shelter Competition one Step Further

In honor of Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday, Google SketchUp partnered with the Guggenheim Museum to launch a competition to design a simple shelter. By using Google SketchUp and Google Earth, you can choose any site and create any basic dwelling. While it is a great creative initiative, it could go one step further by challenging participants to design with purpose.

Architecture for Humanity is upping the ante by urging entrants to add a social component to the competition and asking them to select a community that could utilize the developed design to improve their living standard.

The competition currently offers two prizes - The Peoples Prize and the Jury Prize. We are unofficially adding a third - The Community Prize - which will be reviewed by Architecture for Humanity design fellows working from India, Ireland, Kenya and Myanmar.

For more information, visit the Open Architecture Network.