Design Build Challenge :: Life Beyond the Competition

Six teams entered Boston's first Design Build Challenge, a competition that focuses on built responses to community needs. Each team was paired with a real client and asked to choose a site in the city, and then given 72 hours to design and construct a design solution.

The challenge aimed to prove that even in this short amount of time, "an influential and sustainable response to a real problem can alter our urban fabric and benefit the community," says Project Locus, a sponsor and founder of the challenge.

The Design Build Challenge will have a life beyond the three-day competition - reportedly, the farmer's market, the YMCA, the Codman Square Library, and Codman Square Health Center are interested in keeping the projects designed for them. The design for the farmer's market stand has also been donated to Bikes Not Bombs for its events.

Photos: Clockwise, from top left, are a farmer's market stand constructed of real bicycle parts, plywood, and a wood and plastic roof; a garden chess game board for the Public Library's lawn; an urban environment outside of the library; and a play area outside of the Dorchester YMCA designed by a team of professionals from Perkins + Will and Lee Kenneday Company (including a BAC student).

The image below is the farmer's market stand in use the very next weekend! Participants included the BAC, Cooper Union, Syracuse University, and Perkins + Will. (Top three photos: Richard Griswold; Right ohoto of doors: BSA; Below left: Andrea Dobrzelewski)

Visit the BSA's Flickr page to read more about all the projects and view photos of the installations and some of the teams at work.