Blog Pick :: Design In and Around Boston

(Office dA's McAllen Building, Boston, MA)

Looking to visit design projects around Boston? Ever been to Ghery's Stata Center or Office dA's McAllen Building? Want to know what else is around that's worth seeing?

Designed Environment Boston is a simple site for design students, practitioners, and enthusiasts to check out the noteworthy built environment around Boston. From Paul Revere's House to Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer's Hagerty House, the site features both historic and contemporary projects, and everything in between.

The site allows users to view images of the buildings and landscapes, as well as their exact locations on a google map. In just one click, you can get directions and go.

(Le Corbusier's Carpenter Center, Cambridge, MA)

Other highlights include Gustafson, Guthrie, Nichol's North End Park; Animahian Winton Architects' Community Rowing Boathouse; and Louis Kahn's Exeter Library. Check out more yourself at Designed Environment Boston.