Volunteer a Design :: Deadline Friday, June 26

Current Service Opportunity 2009
Volunteer with CDRC-Boston

Maurice J. Tobin School Beautification Project
The Maurice J. Tobin School is in need of a consultant to transform a secondary entryway that has over time become the primary entrance to the building. Currently, the entryway serves a 10-car parking lot and is the site for the school's dumpster(s). The School would like to change this entryway to better reflect the Tobin’s Mission and regard in which they hold the students, faculty, and community.

PROJECT NEED: The Tobin School would like the consultant to design an enclosure for the dumpster that becomes part of a welcoming entryway, especially to camouflage the trash area, but to still allow for trash pickup. The school would also like the consultant to design a new awning, and to incorporate a donated 8' x16' mural on one of the exterior walls at the entryway.

In addition to the more detailed design, the school is asking for some conceptual illustrations of the pathway from Smith Street up to and through the entrance door, and into the main lobby to be used as a means to inspire the school community for improvements of this “corridor” in future plans for the school’s grounds.

DESIGN EXPERTISE NEEDED: The ideal candidate is experienced in school design, landscape design, and public art experience would be a plus, but not required.

June 24th, 2009.

If you are interested in this project and have never completed a CDRC-boston volunteer application, please complete the application here. Once you have completed the application, please submit a brief letter of interest along with your individual, team, or organization's profile in pdf format to mailto:info@cdrc-boston.org.?subject=Tobin%20School%20Beautification%20Project%20Volunteer%20Opportunity.