The Faces of Solar Decathlon Team Boston

The BAC student contingent of Solar Decathlon Team Boston includes five project directors, four leaders, and many more volunteers. Here is a look at the project directors, who have been actively involved in the Solar Decathlon since 2007, when they helped with the MIT entry, the Solar 7 House.

Colin Booth, a B.Arch. candidate in his last year at the BAC, is the project manager. He has also served on the BAC Board of Directors during 2007-2008, as well as a wide variety of student and BAC board committees, including the BAC Sustainability Council.

Kevin Horne is an M.Arch. candidate and chair of the marketing committee. He is a designer at Menders, Torrey & Spencer Inc., working primarily on extensive LEED-based renovation of a biomedical institute.

Stephen Messinger, also an M.Arch candidate, is Sponsorship Committee Co-Chair and Sponsorship Ambassador for Team Boston. He also serves as Atelier student government President. As a practicing LEED AP, Stephen currently teaches a LEED training course at KlingStubbins where he serves as a Revit Manager and junior designer.

Sarah Howard-McHugh is working on her M.Arch. at the BAC. She serves as Chair of the Finance and Sponsorship Committees and is a member of the Sustainable Design Committee at the BAC. She worked as the Director of Community Partnerships for the Rhode Island Philharmonic, and served as a Housing Commissioner and Vice Chairperson of the Westport Affordable Housing Committee.

Michelle Stadelman, Chair of the Construction Committee, Co-Chair of Sponsorship Committee, and Construction Project Manager, is a M.Arch candidate. She has a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Minnesota and a minor in Construction Management. Michelle has always been focused on sustainability and the environment and has been actively involved with Habitat for Humanity, Emerging Green Builders, and the BAC’s Sustainable Design Committee amongst other local groups. She is currently a Job Captain at Bergmeyer Associates, Inc . in Boston and serves as Team Boston’s Construction Project Manager, as well as dance team captain.

To learn more about the Solar Decathlon project and those involved, visit Curio Bios.