Competition :: Lifecycle Building Challenge, Due August 30

(The groHome, designed by students at Texas A&M University, was a winner in 2007. Image: Housing Zone)

The Lifecycle Building Challenge competition, in its third year, challenges professionals and students to shape the future of green buildings and facilitate local building materials reuse. Submit your innovative project, design, or idea for reducing to conserve construction and demolition materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by designing buildings for adaptability and disassembly.

* Create designs that facilitate local building materials reuse
* Consider the full lifecycle of buildings and materials—from resource extraction through occupancy and, finally, deconstruction and reuse
* Focus on quality and creativity of designs and concepts
* Develop strategies that maximize materials recovery
* Reduce the overall embodied energy and greenhouse gas emissions of building materials through reuse
* Decrease environmental and economic costs
* Address real world issues

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