Recycling Pays Off

Recycling at the BAC has not always been a straightforward and easy process. Now there are plenty of bins for paper and bottle recycling, as well as one for batteries and chargers.

By recycling, in the first half of this year, the BAC has:
* Saved 132 trees from being cut down to make paper
* Did not use 3,029 gallons of oil in the paper manufacturing process
* Saved 31,070 kilowatt hours of energy
* Saved 54,373 gallons of fresh water from being used in the paper manufacturing process
* Saved 466 tons of effluents from going into the air we breath
* Saved 26 cubic yards of waste entering the landfill

The Sustainability Council is working on a revamped recycling system, and it is hoped that some improvements to the system will be made in the coming months.

Please help us keep up the good work by separating your trash from reusable items.