Surviving the Summer Heat the 'Green' Way

(Solar Mini Clip Fan)

Designers always talk about 'green' design and sustainable design, and this is indeed the path we should be going. Let's keep in mind that there are also simple things we can all do right now to save energy and cut down on the use of hazordous materials.

Tips from Autonomie Project on keeping cool this summer:
1. Use fans (properly) in place of air conditioning, which not only uses a lot of electricity, but has coolant that is damaging to the ozone and can be bad for your health.
2. Turn out lights when you don't need them.
3. Utilize your windows to there best ability, such as creating cross ventilation, if possible.
4. Use appliances, such as the oven and dryer, as little as possible.
5. Keep cool with food and drinks.

For more details, visit the Autonomie Project blog.