Blog Pick :: Dezeen

(House in Matsuyama, Japan, by Suppose Design Office)

Dezeen Design Magazine brings you news of great design projects, competitions, interviews, books, and movies. Launched at the end of November 2006, Dezeen reports on everything you can add the word 'design' to, including interior design, furniture design, lighting design, graphic design, transportation design, green design. ... And, yes, architecture, too.

(A Camper store in Toyko by Spanish designer Jaime HayĆ³n)

There are many posts on the front page, each with an inticing image. Dig deeper and you'll learn more about the object or project and the designer. Read thoughts from the firm and reviews. Scroll through many more images, and, often, even plans and sections. The first time I noticed the sections, I was reading a post about cufflinks, so they're sure to be there when the design is a building or interior space.

(A credit card-operated carbon-offsetting meter that attaches to trees)

So cufflinks are covered. Some other highlights from my last visit include social housing for Buenos Aires, a steel table called Gorge, and a San Francisco bike store. You can try to see it all, but narrowing down your search and finding what you want right away is also very easy with the categories search list on the sidebar.

Have fun checking out Dezeen. It's a great way to spend these rainy summer days.