Blog Pick :: On Interior Design

AbbeyK - On Interior Design is a Boston-based designer's blog in which she showcases her ongoing projects, her furniture and accessories finds, and provides tips for decorating.

Sometimes Abbey focuses on design and sometimes her postings are about decorating, things you might read in Real Simple. She provides tips about choosing paint, cleaning your closet, and choosing flowers for your dining room. Other posts are helpful to an Interior Design student, though, like a bathroom design board, window treatment options, and tile selection. And, of course, there are posts about 'green design'.

What Abbey does well is provide links to great stores, such as the Museum of Modern Art Store and Michaelian and Kohlberg for its rug clearance. The images on her website are great, too. Circa-1930s chairs, spray-painted upholstery, and fabric samples are fun to scroll through. Her own work is professionally photographed and one can glean a lot of good ideas from it.

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