Why Design? Why the BAC? :: Students Fill Us In

Richard Griswold asked his spring 2009 Design Principles class why they wanted to study design and why they chose the BAC. Below are some answers:

* “As a designer, I really want to focus on urban architecture and green architecture. I also like designs that are very simple, or designs that look complex but aren’t – it’s really interesting.”

* “I have always loved the energy of an urban environment. As an aspiring interior designer, I am interested in transforming urban spaces by using form, texture, and color. I love the juxtaposition between old spaces and modern details.”

* “I’ve always wanted to be an architect, and design school seemed like the natural path and decision. My realization that I wanted to pursue a career in architecture started rather early, at the age of 6 or 7, my inspiration came from building with Legos.”

* “First it was Legos, then Sims. Once I entered high school, I began sketching and drawing houses and plans. I directed my creativity towards clay, painting, and sculpting. Now, I can work towards house design again.”

* “I enjoy the design and development of commercial and educational facilities; therefore I plan to design college campuses. I also plan to design ‘green’ and sustainable buildings, because I feel that our environment is weakening due to pollution and waste of energy that could be recycled.”

* “When I saw Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water, I fell head over heels in love! Wright believed all spaces make up a whole and therefore should flow and tie into one another – landscape, architecture, interior design, furniture, and d├ęcor. And that’s exactly how I feel.”

* “There’s one thing for sure I really love: architecture. So I thought I should start from there. People say architecture is hard, but everything is hard when you think about it. My attitude towards architecture keeps me working harder towards my goal. I want to design buildings, a dream house, and perhaps furniture.”

* “Art is the one thing that got away in my life, and I chose to become an architect to pursue art using my strength in math and physics and visual strengths. I want to become an architect noted for creativity and brilliance.”

* “I took a trip through Europe, which really opened my eyes to what the world has to offer and let me experience so much history. It was so amazing to see everything I studied in world histories and design history classes. This trip is what really invigorated my love for design and architecture.”

* “After I finished high school, I spent two years studying architecture and civil engineering classes in New York. After that, one of my friends brought me to the BAC. This is where the new story begins…”

* “I want to further develop my design skills and learn more about sustainable design. I am ready for a career, I am ready to work. Design school seems like it is going to be the most challenging thing I am going to attempt to this point in my life. I am up for the challenge and I am making it a personal goal of mine to finish the BAC program.”

* “I came back to Boston to study architecture and historic preservation. This way, I can learn more about something which excites me, I can learn more about the world, and with the right education, I can make a difference in it, and help to keep what I love alive.”

* “The reason I came to design school is because I love architecture. When I was little, I was always working on things and building things. I used Legos and Connects to build things all the time.”

* “I came to the BAC because I love Boston and I feel like it’s one of the best cities in the country to study interior design and architecture. I think the mix of historical design and cutting edge design happening today really makes the city interesting.”

Why did you come to the BAC? What has been your experience here? Share your thoughts on the BAC and design by e-mailing Hadiya Strasberg. They can be posted anonymously or in Student Profile format.