Achieving Alternative Practice Credit :: One Student's Story

(Brittany Whitaker, with the owner and another manager, is on the right. Photos: Brittany Whitaker)

Brittany Whitaker, a BDS sustainable design student, is also manager at the Butterfly Cafe in Roxbury Crossing. She describes it as a "small, locally owned coffee shop has big dreams, but little resources." To tie in her academic interest with her day job, she worked this summer to implement sustainable design and waste management practices at the coffee shop.

When she became manager, Brittany signed up with the Sustainable Business Leadership Program (SBLP), which is designed to instill environmentally safe practices throughout small businesses around Boston. "With the help of SBLP, I developed an action plan to improve the cafe in terms of sustainability," says Brittany. "I focused on waste reduction, energy efficiency, and water conservation."

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