Lecture :: Users and Energy :: Wednesday, September 9, noon

IHCD Lunch & Learn Lecture
Users and Energy: How Usability in Design can Save Energy
by Lisa Ann Pasquale, B.Arch., MSc Sustainable Environmental Design; former BAC faculty member
Wednesday, September 9, noon

Current "green" approaches focus many of their efforts on sustainable methods of energy supply, responsible sourcing and appliance efficiency. However, the people who occupy buildings, their habits and tendencies, and the way they interact with their environment is known to have one of the largest impacts on actual energy demands within buildings. This session will discuss post-occupancy evaluations of the Eden Project's two primary office spaces in Cornwall, England. The research was conducted as part of a Masters dissertation in Sustainable Environmental Design at the Architectural Association in London. The evaluations examine the effects of occupation, maintenance and human behavior on energy consumption in buildings. The work builds an argument for the energy-saving effects of creating architecture that has a more intuitive connection to its occupants, and how designing spaces for usability can ultimately create more sustainable buildings.

Lunch donated by Italian restaurant Osteria Rustico.

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