Travel :: Sustainable Travel for Green Designers

Travel with Elevate Destinations to:
South Africa: October 15-26, 2009
Panama: March 13-20, 2010

Elevate Destinations’ newest offering, Sustainable Travel for Green Designers, provides architects, engineers, and others involved in the green building world with a new perspective on sustainable building and design. Our customized trips abroad will provide you with a firsthand global perspective of the issues that impact green building, and a new viewpoint and unique expertise. You will have the opportunity to connect with architects and designers facing parallel challenges around the globe, facilitating a new exchange of ideas and learning.

Elevate Destinations provides a unique philanthropic opportunity and hands-on experience of working to design and build for a local non-profit in your selected destination.

Each trip includes:
• Educational outings to visit case studies of cutting edge green building projects
• Opportunities to network your business internationally
• Hands-on green building expertise
• The opportunity to receive AIA credit
• Leisure time exploring your destination
• An optional volunteer component

*We are looking into the possibility of a discount for BAC students. Stay tuned.
For more information, please click on the page below or contact Andrea Atkinson.