Weekend in Review :: Solar Decathlon House

(BAC Overseers help with building. Photo: H. Strasberg)

This weekend at the Team Boston build site, we had a wonderful turnout of BAC overseers and staff. Don Hunsicker came out to work and not for the first time. Richard Griswold, Jeff Stein, Patti Vaughn, Dave Harrison, Sue Brody, Meredith Spinnato, and Andrea Vojtisek came to see the progress. Project Directors Michelle Stadelman and Sarah Howard-McHugh gave tours in between painting fiber cementboard for the east facade and south railing.

(Door to mechanical room. Photo: Erin Baldessari)

With all the help on site, we nearly finished the exterior work. Hardi fiber cementboard was painted and installed on the south deck railing and a portion of the north wall. More decking and the majority of the siding was completed. The 'secret' door to the mechanical room is now hidden - siding was installed so that it looks seamless with the adjacent walls.

(Door to mechanical room. Photo: Erin Baldessari)

Next weekend, the team will move its focus to interior work!

(BAC Overseer works on a soffit on the south side. Photo: H. Strasberg)

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