Blog Pick :: Eco-Blog

Boston Green Building (BGB) has entered the blogosphere with Eco-Blog!

Started in late June 2009, the purpose of this blog is to keep you informed of all things green in the building industry. Green roofs, energy retrofitting, FSC wood, sustainable materials, recycling, and tax credits are all covered. BGB's goal is to educate, share, and discuss with all those who are interested.

Comment & Post
BGB needs your help. We hope to use our blog as a platform to share ideas, promote discussion, and keep you updated with our current projects. In order to maximize effectiveness we are looking for feedback and we are encouraging people to post comments or add some of your own content. Please take a moment to browse the content that we have been building up for the past few weeks and see if there is anything else you would like to see.

Guest Blog
We are also searching for any volunteers who would like to guest blog. Our hope is that the guest blogger will create posts relating to their green product or service, experience with green building, or that they will initiate a general discussion abut a green building concept or idea. We only ask that all posts or comments are thoughtful, interesting, and not blatant self-promotion.