Changes in Practice Assessment & Evaluation

This past year we have been working to develop new forms of assessment and evaluation that will lead to students receiving more valuable feedback and a better evaluation of their skills. We will be phasing in a new assessment system that will incorporate the following:

• The new Student Learning Contract (SLC) has replaced what was formerly the Contract Learning Sequence, the document used to track and update a student’s Skill Level and professional progress. (Student Learning Contracts for all degree programs are now available in the back of the Practice Student Handbook, linked below.) The SLC more accurately measures the specific skills that students will acquire in professional settings, and will help them in understand what skills they need to learn to increase their Skill Level.

• Beginning this semester, the Skill Level Update will gradually be replaced by the new Practice Assessment. The Practice Assessment occurs at crucial moments in the BAC curriculum: before Segment I & II Portfolio Review and before graduation.

1) During Practice Assessments, students will meet for a 45 minute appointment with a member of the Practice faculty, called a Practice Examiner, to present documentation of their work and have an in-depth discussion about their professional skills.

2) Students nearing the end of Segment I and II who are preparing to submit for Portfolio Review will be contacted about attending a Practice Assessment. (Because of this new assessment process, students should carefully note the Portfolio Review registration deadline this year, and register for the review by the deadline, in order to be cleared by Practice.)

3) Students are expected to keep ongoing documentation of professional work for which they receive Practice credit, as Practice Portfolios will be required of all students attending Practice Assessments.

4) We will continue to offer Skill Level Updates to students who need to meet with Practice over the course of the semester and who we are not able to schedule for Practice Assessment appointments.

• Segment I Progress Review is now a requirement for all Segment I students in the same way that Segment II Progress Review is a requirement for all Segment II students. Students will be contacted when they become eligible about signing up for a review session. (Progress Reviews are opportunities for students to receive feedback and mentoring about their Practice and academic progress at the BAC. They are not pass/fail like Portfolio Reviews, but are intended to help students successfully prepare for Segment I & II Portfolio Review.)

• All students are still required to file a Practice Registration Form & Practice Report prior to registration each semester. Students will receive a reminder & notification about submitting these documents in the registration mailing.

Questions? Contact Practice.