Practice :: Alternatives are now Special Projects

Last year we rolled out a series of “Practice Alternatives” to address the issue of employment and students’ need to earn Practice credit, by offering alternatives to students who are unemployed and/or underemployed. These provided ways for students to earn small increments of credit, expand their skill set, and try various kinds of projects and activities relating to Practice while still engaged in their search for full-time Practice employment. This year, we are calling these efforts “Special Projects,” and are continuing to develop these initiatives, as well as others, to better serve and place students in projects that enable them to gain valuable experience. These experiences increase skills and knowledge, allow students to earn credit, and make them more marketable in their search for full-time work. For more information, please contact Practice.

Community Design Placements: We will be working with a variety of non-profits, agencies, and community groups on actual projects. As a BAC student, you can get involved on a pro-bono basis, working on real world projects with a community design focus. This is a way for you to earn Practice Credits, maintain involvement in the design world, and develop well-designed, portfolio ready project experience.

Mock-Firm Design Competitions: We are developing a culture of Design Competitors! There will be a variety of competitions offered each semester that you can get involved in. Teams will be composed that approximate the experience of working in a design firm. As a team member, you can earn Practice credit while being involved generating an outstanding competition entry - including delving into design considerations as well as the practical necessities of time line and operational strategies.

Independent Practice: As a BAC student, you have the option to generate and develop projects on an independent basis – matched with a mentor to guide your process. Got a relative with a need for a renovation? Or a project in mind for your own place? You can connect with a mentor of your own, or we can match you up to make it into a credit worthy experience.

Volunteer: You can earn credit for volunteer work related to design, as well as up to 3 Practice credits for non-related volunteer work. If you do file for credit for non-related volunteer work, please be advised that there is a separate Practice Report you must fill out.

Travel: You are eligible to file once as a student for 1 Practice credit for a travel experience. Take your sketchbook with you the next time you’re out of town for 5-7 days. When you come back, write a reflective essay and format the text and graphics into a portfolio-ready page or two. You’ll submit this at the end of the reporting period.

The new Practice Student Handbook is now available!