BAC Running Group :: First Run on Sunday, October 25, 10am

Running with force, magnitude, and style - the BAC running group is for anyone and everyone who is sleep-deprived, creative, and enrolled at the BAC. We will not be hosting time trials or competitions. We will not force you to have a PR, but we will force you to have fun. So dust off those running shoes, put down the doughnut, and join us at 10am on Sunday, October 25th at the BAC!

We'll have two groups of runners; place yourself in whichever group you'll enjoy the most... One will go approximately 2-3 miles, the other will run about 5-6 miles.

Since you're a designer, show some coordination (and school spirit) by wearing black and yellow, and proudly exclaim - yes, I am a BAC bee! (It's our mascot, for those of you that slept through orientation.)

See you on Sunday, October 25th, at 10am...
Leave the T-square at home.

For more information, contact Erin.