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AIAS FORUM 2009 - Minneapolis, MN
December 29, 2009 - January 2, 2010

FORUM is the global gathering of architecture and design students and the annual convention of the American Institute of Architecture Students. This educational event offers students the opportunity to learn about issues facing architectural education and the profession, to meet other students and professionals with common interests, and to interact with today's leading architects, designers, and those making a difference in the world through architecture.

Students and professionals are invited to join in FORUM 2009: Connections. 1,000+ people are expected to participate this year. The event is hosted by the AIAS Chapter at the University of Minnesota.

(BAC students attended the AIAS Forum in Philadelphia, PA, in November. Photo: Kyle Branchesi)

In addition to the evening keynote presentations, activities include tours, daily seminars and workshops, the Architecture College + Career Expo, and the Beaux Arts Ball on New Year's Eve.

Registration deadlines are approaching. Email to register today!
(Funding is available to AIAS members.)

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