Build Boston :: FREE tickets

Build Boston, the convention and trade show for the design and construction industry is next week and you are invited!

This special offer – for students and faculty – provides FREE admission to one of three Build Boston keynote presentations or a ticket to one of two workshops in the conference program as well as entrance to the exhibit hall. Details and registration information are below.

Keynote Presentations:
Wednesday, November 18, 8:30-10am
Robert A. Murray, Chief Economist and Vice-President of Economic Affairs, McGraw-Hill Construction
The new economy requires us to stay one step ahead. Successful careers and businesses are built on the ability to identify key sources of income and opportunity. Take the time to strategize and target growth markets fueled with information provided by the building industry’s leading analyst of trends: Robert Murray, McGraw-Hill Construction’s chief economist and vice-president of economic affairs. The author of the annual Construction Outlook and coordinator of McGraw-Hill’s 5-year forecast, Murray delivers a timely and essential Build Boston keynote.

Thursday, November 19, 8:30–10am
Edward Mazria AIA, Architect and Founder of Architecture 2030
Climate change is real and imminent - and this environmental concern is making waves in the building industry. Architect Edward Mazria AIA, author of The Passive Solar Energy Book and founder of Architecture 2030, is leading the call for change with the 2030 Challenge, a measured strategy to dramatically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Perhaps our most significant opportunity as a creative community, climate change calls for an evolution in thought, in design and in construction. Afterwards, investigate the companies achieving carbon neutral and zero-net-energy buildings at our Build Boston Energy Pavilion on the tradeshow floor and learn something new in one of dozens of energy-focused workshops. Join forces to make this new climate a better climate.

Friday, November 20, 8:30–10am
Dean Kamen, Inventor and Founder of DEKA and FIRST
Turning these economic and climate challenges into opportunities requires creativity and fearlessness. Dean Kamen, whose company DEKA Research and Development recently celebrated its 25th year of developing ground-breaking technologies, delivers a Build Boston keynote address focusing on how design, science and technology can unite for revolutionary change and how inspiring the next generation provides the greatest return of all. Come and find out from the inventor of the Segway and founder of FIRST how to open ourselves wide to new ideas.

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IDP essentials - the pathway to licensure (B89)
Thursday, November 19, 6-7:30pm
IDP is the accepted professional pathway to licensure. Topics range from establishing an NCARB Council record to properly earning IDP experience units. Online resources for IDP record holders are also presented. We'll explain new requirements and features, such as the "Six-month rule", and on-line employment verification.

Inclusion, equity and leadership (B19)
Thursday, November 19, 8-10am
The Institute for Human Centered Design sets the table for the symposium with a brief overview of global trends that integrate inclusive design into a clarifying vision of socially sustainable design. Followed by the first plenary session. In this symposium kick-off, we bring together two design leaders, one from the United Kingdom and one from the US, to consider reframing the role of design in social equity and the potential of public leadership.

African American women architects in practice (A92)
Wednesday, November 18, 6-7:30pm
Numbering just over 229, the number of licensed African American women architects is a small but emerging force within the profession. The session highlights the positive effects of increased gender, socio-economic and cultural diversity within architecture firms. Issues are addressed by a panel of African American women - A Fellow of the AIA, two mid-career architects and a young woman midway through the licensure process.

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Exhibit hall:
If you cannot make the keynotes or workshops, register for the exhibit hall only. To do so, go to or call 508-743-0103 and use promo code EXPS495.