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2010 DesignIntelligence Rankings: BAC Programs Ranked Among the Best

DesignIntelligence annually publishes America's Best Architecture & Design Schools.

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to announce that the BAC Bachelor of Architecture is listed in the top twenty ranked programs, at number seventeen.

BAC's Interior Design Programs have been recognized as a "Hidden Gem", a unique category that recognizes unranked programs. "Some of these unranked programs are doing incredible things," states DI, "pushing the boundaries of education innovation, partnering with private firms in enterprising new ways and developing the next generation of design thought leaders."

"Our students, faculty, staff, alumni and governance can be proud of this recognition," states President Ted Landsmark. "Good environmental designers increasingly provide leadership in many fields, and educators must be innovative to better prepare graduates for the economic and professional challenges that they now face. The Boston Architectural College's practice-based education prepares our graduates to meet the rapidly changing needs of practice and public service, and the DesignIntelligence recognition is one measure of how our graduates are being welcomed into the professions."

For the school rankings, 381 private practice firms and other organizations that hire architects, landscape architects, interior designers, or industrial designers participated in the research. Four individual surveys are used to collect data in each of the practice areas: architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, industrial design. The question for these rankings is: from your hiring experience in the past five years, which schools are best preparing students for success in the architecture/landscape architecture/interior design/industrial design profession? Participating firms complete surveys for only those practice areas in which they have direct experience. In addition, students, deans and chairs of academic programs are surveyed. This methodology presents a rich weave of information on design programs.

The annual rankings are compiled from surveys conducted and analyzed by The Greenway Group. The rankings provide feedback on where quality education is being delivered, valued, and communicated. The survey methodology is transparent, and the research participants are all listed in the guide, which is available at

Source: The Boston Architectural College