Lecture & Screening :: The Earthships Biotecture Model :: Thursday, November 19, 6-9pm

BU Earthship Lecture & Screening of "Garbage Warrior"

"Innovations In Sustainable Architecture and Planning: The Earthships Biotecture Model in the USA and Abroad"

Thursday, November 19, 6-9pm
at the School of Hospitality Administration,
928 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA, Rm. 110

Architects, planners, environmentalists and community organizers are joining forces to change current construction, housing, regulatory and community development paradigms in the USA and abroad. The use of recycled materials like discarded tires in home construction is more than an act of responsible environmental stewardship - it is also a call to rethink land use regulations and community development strategies.

The Edge is proud to sponsor a movie-lecture featuring the BU screening of the acclaimed Oliver Hodge documentary “Garbage Warrior,” the story of Earthship Biotecture and its founder Michael Reynolds.

The screening will be followed by a lecture-discussion session with Matthew Paneitz, Ericka Temple, and Adam Howland of Long Way Home, a non-profit community development organization that promotes the dissemination of knowledge and technique for sustainable community development in Central America. Echoing the principles and techniques promoted by Earthship Biotecture, Long Way promotes the use of locally available, recycled materials in the construction process in rural Mayan communities.

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