Blog Pick :: Coroflot

(K Workstation, MisoSoup Design)
Reviewed by Rilwan Kujenya

Coroflot is one of my favorite websites on the net. I definitely do not visit the website as much as I would visit ArchDaily, but it beats the latter in interface, quality, aesthetics, and usefulness. The site compiles all of the things any designer – from architect to fashion designer and product designer to illustrator – need to know. Everything from industry news, events, job fairs, job listings, forums, and portfolios are posted. It is basically the mix between comprehensive social networking and current information.

(Singapore Embassy, Washington, DC, Jim Brown)

A Tour of the Site
Coroflot's main page almost spews creativity off the screen and all over your keyboard. It's so clean and clear. Everything is right where you need it so you would perhaps never need to ever refer to the site map. The main page already has stories at your fingertip, so you can breeze through and enjoy.

(Frame House, Arlinda Sheqiri)

Click on design jobs, and you have now access to job listings. You can browse through these listings, and check out what kind of positions are being offered. You can narrow your search by clicking on one of the categories on the side.

(Interior, Raul Allegrotti)

One of the other cool things the website has to offer is the extensive number of user submitted portfolios. Everyone from students to working professionals use this site. You will find designers such as architects, car designers, interior designers, and fashion designers.

Another great feature of Coroflot is the ability to rate some of the portfolios. You can give a portfolio a Likey (as in "Me Likey."). Coroflot developed a user-based rating system that is based on a system of Likeys. There more Likeys a portfolio achieves from other users, the more prominantly it will be presented and the more likely the portfolio will become a featured portfolio on Coroflot (and its sister site Core77).

Out of all the architectural portfolios, MisoSoup design, a multidisciplinary design firm from New York City, has the most Likeys.

(Graphic Design, Rocio Mangana)

If you aren't visiting Coroflot's website you should check it out. You can tool around, and check out other sections of the website. Get yourself acquainted to the this website's online community, and join in on the internet-studio culture. Join groups, ask for advice, and check out other members in the Member Gallery.