Long Studio in Mexico this Spring

(C Studio Lottery)

The six-credit long studio, CD102G and CD7102F: Living in the Americas, is offered this Spring 2010 semester Mon/Thurs, 5:30-10:15pm. The class will travel to Mexico February 12-20.

Segment II students are eligible. Sign up at the Studio Lottery on Thursday, January 14.

This studio’s purpose is to become familiar with a particular set of design skills and to learn about Mexico’s influence on 20th century architecture and design. This is a long studio open to both Masters and Bachelors candidates that meets twice weekly for extended hours in a dedicated workspace. The studio includes travel to Mexico to experience its culture, art, and architecture firsthand. The curriculum is comprised of: preparation, travel, concept development, and project design. Preparation includes research on Mexicans whose paths crossed in the last century: the writers Octavio Paz and Juan Rulfo; the Pritzker-Prize-winning engineer, Luis Barragán; the architects, Louis Kahn and Rafael Urzua; the landscape architect, Ferdinand Bac; and the artists Chucho Reyes and José Clemente Orozco.

Travel is to experience Mexican culture directly by visiting the Sierra del Tigre in the state of Jalisco, the city of Guadalajara, and the metropolis that is Mexico City. Travel is recorded through a journal, a set of sketches, and photographs. Concept development in this studio is done through a rigorous set of writing and plastic art exercises based on each participant’s experiences from preparation and travel. Project design requires translating the results of concept development into concrete designs carried to a full schematic, including expression of materials and human use. The subject of the project design is ‘Los Corralles, a Hacienda of Dreams. The site, in the state of Jalisco, is that of the Barragán family’s confiscated land near the village of El Volantin. The instructors will guide students to do independent, high quality work that is comparable to that expected in the degree project and thesis.