Need a Little Extra Cash Over Break?

Focus on Boston, a Focus Group and marketing research company in the Boston area, is hired by clients that want to get the reactions and opinions from their target customers on new products or services.

Earn $85 for your opinions in a 2-hour focus group!!

For Wednesday, January 6 at 12pm, Focus on Boston is looking for men and women 21-60 years old who meet the following criteria:
• Do not have any food allergies/restrictions;
• Regularly purchase breakfast or lunch items from “quick service” restaurants (3+ times per week)

Those who participate will be given $85 for their time and opinions in a 2-hour focus group!

These groups will be held in downtown Boston at 30 Rowes Wharf.

If you are interested in participating, please e-mail Jen LaRosa at

#1 your name
#2 your phone number
#3 your age
#4 your answers to the following:

Been to in the past year? (yes or no) Been to in the past 6 months? (yes or no)

After receiving your answers, Jen will e-mail you to let you know if you pre-qualify for this group.