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(Macallen Building, Boston, MA, by Office dA with Burt Hill)

Go to Daily Dose for a Quick Fix
by Rilwan Kujenya

A Daily Dose of Architecture is perhaps one of my most favorite architectural blogs on the web. It features an almost daily posting of architectural reviews, photos, published book listings, videos, and musings from the author, John Hill. What I perhaps like most about the website is that Hill has an extremely casual style in both his literary content as well the overall graphical layout of the blog. I find it comforting that the site isn't hyper-stylized, and that the text isn't at all mystical. It's really a blog that anyone can enjoy.

There are a lot of other features I like as well. It seems like a good amount of things are covered – everything from large-scale buildings by starchitects to small-scale designs done by really small firms with which one might not be very familiar. It's a great resource to find out what's going on and who is doing what.

(Building at Walsh College, Troy, MI, by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates. Photo: Justin Maconochie)

Daily Dose also provides an up-to-date record on major news in the architectural world. It is still pretty small in comparison to sites like Arch Daily, but the former site is smaller, which allows a bit of intimacy to develop between the fans and followers of Daily Dose and its author.

Hill also has a page of recommended books, which you can order directly through his website. An image of the book cover and a brief description, as well as the price tag – anywhere from $7.50 to $300 – helps one choose interesting books to curl up with over a weekend.

(Hargrove Music Library, Berkeley, CA, by Mack Sogin Merrill Elam Architects)

The Daily Dose posts are short and concise, a bit like a morning espresso shot. I think that if there is a need for quick fix in the morning, or just about any other time of day, there is little else that gets your conceptual gears going like a daily dose of architecture.

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