Blog Pick :: Death by Architecture

Want to Enter a Competition?
by Rilwan Kujenya

If you haven't by now heard of Death by Architecture, shame on you; you've been missing out. Death by Architecture is probably one of the best sites out there to find out about great open architecture competitions. Whether you think you've got the stuff to win big, or you're just looking for the intellectual challenge that will get your architectural gears thoroughly jogging, Death by Architecture has a huge database available. Maybe you don't even know that you want to enter a competition, but don't let that stop you from checking out a great site. You can never guess beforehand what you will find. In my opinion, there is nothing sweeter than just browsing the site and catching wind of an awesome competition.

You'll find everything from international competitions calling for the redesign of impoverished area of a developing country to designing a commercial tower. There was even a competition to design your vision of a Formula 1 race car driver’s house. If that doesn't interest you enough, you can search the site’s news pages, which will keep you updated with anything related to ongoing open competitions. The site will even let you know when a winner is announced, and will sometimes show the winner's and runner-up's entry presentations as well.

Death by Architecture has a remarkably easy layout. I definitely appreciate the site's simple visual aesthetic, and, certainly, their logo. The one drawback might be that everything is somewhat front-loaded, but it is in a very casual way. You are never initially overwhelmed by info. There are your typical links at the top of the page. Below that there are the competitions column, news column, and latest comments column, which offers occasional comic relief. Beneath all of that you have a really cool dynamic calendar, and a list of competitions ordered by the closeness of their registration deadlines.

Go ahead and check out the site before doing anything else. I'd have to say, some of the info on the site is really worth dying for.