2010 at the BAC: The Future is Now!

My name is Stephen Messinger. I am finishing my fifth year at the BAC as an M.Arch. student. As the President of Atelier, your Student Government, I would like to welcome you new and returning students to a brand new semester at the BAC: spring 2010.

Welcome to the largest private design school in the country. Welcome to the cutting edge. Welcome to the place where practice meets academics, where professions merge and overlap, where diverse people and skill sets come together to design... everything!

You are a member of one of the largest and most robust design communities in the world. Your fellow classmates (there are more than 1100 of us), instructors (more than 450), and co-workers (there are many thousands!) represent a significant portion of the architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals in New England (and beyond).

You have an advantage and an opportunity that most around you do not. Use this opportunity to learn and grow, to strengthen yourself and your community, to find a job or get a more rewarding one. Connect with this community to join in design competitions or special projects. Use the school's vast resources such as the library, the extensive computer programs, and its network of people. These resources will help you along your journey here and improve the quality of your education and BAC experience.

Some tangible resources (that you have immediate access to) include:
• Atelier, Your Student Government. We are here to facilitate your experience at the BAC and represent you to each other, the administration, and the Board of Trustees. E-mail us to get involved or ask questions: atelier@the-bac.edu (www.myatelier.org)

• Student Organizations. There are many great student groups on campus that are involved in exciting activities, which are educational, academic, social, and even physical. Studies have shown that students who "get involved" with student groups are more likely to receive better grades and more likely to graduate. (http://www.the-bac.edu/x408.xml)

• The Student Development Office. In the last two years this office has grown significantly and is geared toward improving the lives of BAC students. The office is on the first floor of the 320 Newbury Street building. You can also e-mail richard.griswold@the-bac.edu.

So, my advice to you is to put your best foot forward. Work hard, balance your life, and take advantage of opportunities that are presented to you. Good luck and welcome to 2010 at the BAC.


Stephen Messinger
President, Atelier