Haiti's Personal Impact

The catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th has left millions of people trapped without basic services and medical attention. It has also impacted millions of others - relatives and friends who share in this tragedy.

If you have been personally affected by the current events in Haiti and need counseling or have questions about taking a leave of absence, the following information outlines ways in which the BAC can help and what your next steps should be:

The BAC offers guidance in areas such as general life balance and concerns about school and work. Advisors are located in the Practice, Advising and Career Education (P.A.C.E.) Center on the third floor of 320 Newbury Street. Appointments are available Monday through Thursday from 9:30am-7pm. Appointments may be made at the P.A.C.E. Center, by calling the general advising line at 617.585.0160, or by e-mailing advising@the-bac.edu.

The BAC is partnered with The Wellness Corporation to provide the Student Assistance Program (SAP). The SAP can provide a variety of services to students for concerns including anxiety, stress, depression, and loss. Each student is eligible for three FREE counseling sessions. Contact the SAP at 800.326.6142. If you have questions or need additional contact information, please contact Rebecca Chabot-Wieferich at 617.585.0215.

Leaving School Temporarily
You have the option of withdrawing from this semester or taking a leave of absence. To withdraw, fill out the Full Withdrawal Form, which can be found on the BAC website: http://www.the-bac.edu/x361.xml. It must be submitted by the end of the 11th week of the semester. In order to take a leave of absence, you must withdraw from the semester by February 5th using the above form, and also fill out a Leave of Absence Form, which can be found at the same webpage. Please also consult the refund schedule at http://www.the-bac.edu/x417.xml. For more details, contact the registrar's office at 617.585.0135.

The BAC will aid you in making a decision that works for you, and will support you in every way possible. Our hearts go out to you and your families.