Lecture :: BIM In Perspective :: Wednesday, March 3, 4pm

BIM In Perspective
Wednesday, March 3, 4pm
in Boylston Hall

Join us for this “big-picture” presentation about Building
Information Modeling (BIM) and its historical and technological
precedents. Learn how BIM differs from CAD, how BIM affects the
design and construction team, and the implications of BIM for the
design and construction process.

Learning Objectives of Program:
• Describe some of the historical precedents for BIM
• Motivations for why architects would want to use BIM in their practice
• Compare and contrast between a "CAD workflow" and a "BIM workflow"
• Describe the meanings of the acronyms IPD, IDM, and MVD

Presented by Wes Gardner, AIA, Vectorworks Architect Industry Expert at Nemetschek N.A., Inc.