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Cities of the Future 2010 & Urban River Restoration 2010 Conferences
March 7-10, 2010
Boston Marriott Cambridge, Boston, MA

Special Offer for Students:
Register to be a student member of WEF (Water Environment Federation) for $20 and attend the Sunday workshops and the entire Monday to Wednesday portion of the conference for free.

Download the registration form for the conference and workshops.

Cities of the Future 2010 (COTF) will host the interdisciplinary discussion required to create sustainable urban infrastructure that will meet the challenges of the 21st century and the interdependent engineered and natural systems that will characterize cities of the future.

Urban River Restoration 2010 (URR) will focus on the role of revitalized urban rivers and waterfronts with an increased focus on sustainable practices to benefit the environment and a renewed emphasis on a livable urban environment.

Sunday, March 7
• A (URR) – A Changing Community Climate for Dam Removal
• B (COTF) – Concepts and Designs of Water/Used Water Management in Ecocities To Reach One Planet Living Criteria
• C (COTF & URR) - Chelsea Creek Restoration: Collaboration and Community Building
• D (URR) – The Design Charette: Finding Integrative Solutions in Multiple Stakeholder Environments
• E (COTF) – Masdar City – Catalyst for Change
• F (COTF & URR) – Great Green Towns and Cities: How to Fund Urban Restoration and Future Growth

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