Interior Designers Take Note

Massachusetts Legislative Update
House Bill 2999 - An act recognizing the profession of interior designers to bid on state contracts.

Two bills were filed by MIDC on behalf of the Interior Designers of Massachusetts. House Bill 2999 is similar to last year's bill but includes slight revisions to the bill language for interior designers to bid on state work. This is the bill that was passed the legislator last session but was vetoed by the Governor.

We have reached out to the Governor's staff and DCAM to clarify language and intent. The meetings have been constructive and MIDC was able to address key issues and identify discriminatory practices that have prohibited ID professionals from bidding and gaining fair access to potential state design work that they are qualified to do.

HB 2999 is now in the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory oversight. Please review the list of members and see if any of them might be your state legislator -if so reach out to them to express your strong support of the bill.

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