Library Survey :: Enter to Win $150 at B&N

** Closed. Thanks for your participation. **

The BAC Library would very much appreciate your help in evaluating the services and materials the library offers. By following this link to our online questionnaire, you can give us invaluable information. The survey results will tell them who uses the library, how they use the library, and when they use the library. Your response will inform the steps the library takes in developing a strategy for continued improvement of the library for the benefit of the entire BAC community.

Results will be published online. Your responses will be anonymous, and all data will be reported in aggregated forms.

Those who fill out the survey and provide their e-mail addresses by March 5 will be entered into a drawing for a $150- gift certificate to Barnes & Noble Bookstore. (It had to be a bookstore, didn’t it?)

Thank you so much for your response.

Fill out the questionnaire: