May/July Portfolio Review :: Register Now

Reminder from the Registrar's Office

If you intend to register for the May or July Portfolio Reviews, please be advised of the following deadlines; you must register by these dates in order to submit. If you have registered or cleared in the past, and are intending to submit in May or July, you still need to register in order to resubmit.

• Deadline to register for the May Portfolio Review: Fri., April 9, 5pm.
• Deadline to register for the July Portfolio Review: Fri., May 28, 5pm.

Email the Registrar's office ( to register for either review AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (we do not recommend waiting until the registration deadline, as this will give you less time to resolve academic and Practice clearances issues). Reviews carry no credits; therefore there are no bursar/financial aid implications, and you are not penalized if you are registered and do not submit your book.

In order to be eligible to register for the Segment I Portfolio Review (PR450), a student must have completed B-2 Studio, ID Studio 2, or LA Design Studio 2. BDS students should check with Jeff Stein regarding their submission. In order to be eligible to register for the Segment II Portfolio Review (PR890), B.Arch and M.Arch students must have completed their third or fourth C-studio. ID students must have completed their last Segment II studio.

You will be contacted by Sue Brody ( regarding your academic clearance. Students registered for the reviews will be contacted by Practice about any Practice clearance issues; notification of issues will be sent to your BAC email. Please contact Practice ( for more specific information or questions regarding Practice Portfolio Review requirements.

Please consult the guidelines for portfolio construction and clearance requirements (e.g., minimum GPA and STGPA requirements to submit) that are posted on the BAC website.