(Open 'Til) Midnight for Midterms

Extended Hours for Midterms!! Visit the Loft (2nd floor, 320 Newbury) for Midnite Munchies on Saturday and Sunday nights. Snacks courtesy of Atelier.

Below is the revised 320 Newbury Street operating hours schedule for the weekend of March 12-14 (end of first half of spring semester). *The extended hours pertain to 320 Newbury Street only.

Friday, March 12, 8 am-midnight
Saturday, March 13, 9 am-midnight
Sunday, March 14, noon-midnight

Friday, March 12
Computer labs 9 am-midnight
Library 10 am-4 pm
Woodshop 4-8 pm

Saturday, March 13
Computer labs 9 am-midnight
Library 10 am-9 pm
Woodshop 9 am-7 pm

Sunday, March 14
Computer labs noon-midnight
Library noon-9 pm
Woodshop noon-7 pm