Signed Up for Sketch Problem This Month? Come Prepared

To Students Getting Ready for Sketch Problem:

The BAC sketch problem is coming up soon so please follow along to find out the needed materials.

The sketch problem is a full-day charrette lasting twelve hours. Students have the opportunity to work intensely in the company of their peers on a problem that will induce focus and creativity. I have planned a project that is intended to draw upon your fundamental design abilities while confronting an important issue of the age.

Be sure to check the date for which you signed up. There will be no trading dates.
SKA 101 and SKA7101 will be held Sunday, February 21, 9am.
SKA 202, SKA7202, SKA 303, and SKA7303 will be held Saturday, February 27, 9am.

The event requires students to check in by 9 am sharp. Students arriving late will not be admitted and will have to sign up for a sketch problem held during a future semester.

Please gather the following materials and tools in advance of the event.
For model-building:
5-10 1/8x1/16-inch basswood sticks
2-3 sheets of Single ply (1/16-inch thick) chipboard
White glue, metal straight edge, cutting mat, exacto or olfa blade.

For drawing:
One 20x30 white museum board
4 colors of Prismacolor pencil – black, two shades of gray, and green
Pencil sharpener
Roll of canary colored trace paper 18” w.
A Sharpie, a thin-line Pilot pen, or similar, and a pencil
Architect’s scale
An adjustable triangle (best) or a protractor (almost as good)
Invisible tape (best) or rubber cement (just as good)
The work should be drawn freehand – but you may use drafting tools such as T-square, triangles etc..

If you are motivated and want to mentally prepare for the event, you may familiarize yourself with the solar-path diagrams presented in Architectural Graphic Standards. This is a reference book and available in the library.

Atelier, Your Student Government, has kindly offered to serve goodies in the morning. The BAC will order pizza at lunch time for as many as are signed up for the event. Get a good night’s sleep beforehand and stay on top of your other homework.

If you have any questions, please contact Lee Peters, RA, Director of Foundation Studios.