AIAS BAC Presents The Narrative Diagramming Workshop :: Saturday, March 13

AIAS BAC Presents
The Narrative Diagramming Workshop
Hosted By Tagore Hernandez
Saturday, March 13
2 - 5pm
320 Newbury St., Room 409

How can I present the story and an argument about my project in a few frames without words?
This seminar is for design students who seek to develop their narrative skills. It is also for students who struggle with the process of talking about their project and/or idea. Using SketchUp and Illustrator, we will explore how diagrams can be developed to generate ideas and tell stories. The seminar will cover topics such as documentation and analysis, various forms and uses of diagrams, organizing principles, design devices, and will help to distinguish the difference between qualities of design versus concepts of design.

A movie is a story told through a collective series of frames. It has the luxury of language, action, and the ability to use several thousand frames (24/second) whereas designers don't. We as designers don't have such time or have a few frames and less than 10 minute.