Spring 2010 Sketch Problem Exhibit :: The Morphology of Sustainability :: Stankovitz Gallery

Sketch Problem Exhibit :: The Morphology of Sustainability

Exemplary work from this semester's Architecture Sketch Problem is now on view in the Stankovitz Gallery, 4th floor of 320 Newbury Street. Check it out.

Led by a team of instructors, students were asked to address sustainability in a design for a shelter through the relationship it has with the environment. The relationship was to determine the form. Design decisions were drawn from basic architectural elements for their formal or thermal qualities rather than their materiality. The morphology of sustainability is about ARCHITECTURE and thus engineered, or high-tech devices were forbidden.

The BAC Sketch Problem is completed in 12 hours.

Teaching team:
Lee Peters, Director of Foundation Studios
Nicholas Chelko, Studio Instructor
Shonali Rajani, Studio Instructor
Amanda Sanders, Studio Instructor
Sarah Eigen, Teaching Assistant

Student boards in the gallery include work of:
Ariana Aponte-Cobas, M.Arch
Adam Batterbee, M.Arch
Jason Boone, M.Arch
JaiPal Chauhan, M.Arch
Jim Chen, B.Arch
Heath Cody, M.Arch
Frank Del Muto, B.Arch
Adriane Des Marais-Cody, M.Arch
Benjamin Emerson, M.Arch
Christina Forde, B.Arch
Jim Hornor, B.Arch
Edmond Young Kim, B.Arch
Anna Kissell, M.Arch
Meghan Krieger, M.Arch
Shellie McClallen, B.Arch
Eric O’Donnell, B.Arch
Angela Sarno, B.Arch
Marc Theiss, M.Arch
Courtney Ufnal, M.Arch
Ethan Zinkowski, B.Arch