Competition :: Call for Submissions: Inaugural Issue of SHIFT: Infrastructure Student Journal

Call for Submissions: Inaugural Issue of SHIFT: Infrastructure Student Journal
North Carolina State University Chapter SASLA (Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects)

1. Feature student research & innovation impacting landscape architectural theory and practice,
2. Foster creative interaction across related disciplines,
3. Increase awareness of emerging landscape architectural theory and practice within academic and professional communities.

The inaugural issue, SHIFT: Infrastructure will focus on issues that surround emerging infrastructure, and provide an opportunity to re-think our approach to confronting their many challenges. Our aim is to broaden the traditional notion of infrastructure to include areas such as culture, ecology, and economy, and incorporate differing levels of time, context, and scale; from rural to urban, from local to global, from immediate to imagined. How can the evolution of infrastructure be managed to maximize human and environmental health? How can integrated design approaches develop synergies among infrastructural systems that promote social equity, ecological resiliency, and economic prosperity? We call for exceptional examples of student research and innovation that answer these questions and advance the practice of Landscape Architecture and allied professions.

Submission Deadline: 06/01/2010
Open To: Students of any discipline
Entry Fee: $15
Awards: The opportunity to be published, free paper copy of the publication upon acceptance.

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