Competition :: Suburbia Transformed

SUBURBIA TRANSFORMED, One Garden at a Time: Exploring The Aesthetics of Landscape Experience in the Age of Sustainability. A competition for built residential landscapes sponsored by: The James Rose Center.

Through a juried competition, Suburbia Transformed, One Garden at a Time will assemble contemporary projects achieving the goal of exploring green technologies within the context of the aesthetics of human landscape experience on small residential sites. The competition, sponsored by the James Rose Center and co-sponsored by ASLANJ, Garden Design Magazine, and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, will result in a traveling exhibition and catalogue. The emphasis is on how emerging sustainable strategies and tactics are used to create human landscape experiences that are beautiful, inspiring, perhaps profound; and which might serve as examples for transforming the suburban residential fabric, one garden at a time.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all, including landscape architects, landscape designers, architects, individuals, teams, or firms.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Through this competition, we seek to explore solutions to the ubiquitous small-lot, detached single-family, residential condition in the hope that we may better understand how to transform suburbia. Therefore, only submissions on 2-acre or less residentially-zoned single-family properties will be considered. A submission with a newly built house is allowed as long as the lot was part of a pre-existing subdivision or town property. Distance from an urban center is not relevant for the purpose of this competition. Click here for specific submission details.

April 9, 2010 Entry Form and $95 Fee due
April 16, 2010 CD submission due