Next Year’s Tuition and You :: All Student Meeting :: Wednesday, April 7, 6:30pm

Tuition increases for the coming year will be greater than in the past – but only for new, incoming undergraduate students. We value your continued studies at the BAC, and we have invested heavily in recent years in new faculty, facilities, equipment and programs, including purchasing and renovating 951 Boylston Street, creating alternative Practice employment opportunities, and expanding advising and student supports. Your enthusiasm for these improvements is helping us build a stronger BAC learning community. The tuition increases will keep the BAC’s total tuition costs near, or below the levels of other professional design colleges.

For returning graduate students, tuition increases will be about 7%.
For returning undergraduate students, who matriculated into the degree programs prior to Fall 2010 and remain on active status and in good academic standing, the new posted higher undergraduate tuitions will be offset by 2010 Returning Student Grants, which will hold the tuition increase to about 7%.

Current undergraduate students who register for the Fall, 2010 semester, will be automatically eligible for these grants as long as they continue as BAC students, up to graduation, as long as they continue without a break of more than four semesters. That is, undergraduate students currently enrolled in a BAC matriculating program in the Fall of 2010, may take up to four consecutive semesters away from their BAC studies and remain eligible for these grants. For further information you can contact Dean of Students Richard Griswold (, Associate Financial Aid Director James Ryan (, or the Advising Department ( or 262-5000 x160).

A meeting to discuss these matters with the BAC’s Senior Management will be held Wednesday, April 7, at 6:30, in Cascieri Hall. Please attend if you have questions.