Portfolio Review :: Important Dates

May 2010 Portfolio Review
Hand-In Deadline: Tuesday, May 25 at 10pm sharp

Portfolios must be submitted in to the Education Center on the second floor at 320 Newbury St. Registration and clearance are required and concluded. Early hand-in is available. Please contact Christopher Raichle at 617-585-0223 or email christopher.raichle@the-bac.edu to make arrangements.

July 2010 Portfolio Review
Registration Deadline: Friday, May 28 by 5pm
Hand-In Deadline: Monday, July 19 at 10pm sharp

If you intend to participate in the July Portfolio Review, you must register by this date in order to submit. If you have registered or cleared in the past, and are intending to submit in July, you still need to register in order to resubmit. Visit this link for details regarding registration and eligibility: http://thebacstudentdevelopmentblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/mayjuly-portfolio-review-register-now.html