SASLA Election Results

Student American Society of Landscape Architecture (SASLA) is pleased to announce the results of their recent election.

Matthew Gilman, SASLA President
MLA Candidate
With a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Kenyon College, Matthew currently lives in Charlestown, MA and is completing his first year at the BAC. Matthew's hobbies include: Photography, Mountain climbing, Backpacking, SCUBA Diving, Gardening, and playing the Dijeridu (Aboriginal wind instrument).

Matthew Richard, SASLA Vice President
BLA Candidate
As a first year student at the BAC, Matthew was born in Seoul, South Korea, grew up in Medway, MA, and is currently residing in Boston, MA. Previous work experience includes: Spring Break Practicum at Michael Van Valkenburgh Landscape Architects in Cambridge, MA and the Department of Conservation and Recreation: Flood Control Division, which operates the Charles River Dam and multiple smaller dams and pump stations along the Charles River. Matthew enjoys photography and playing guitar.
The BAC’s SASLA Chapter represents the landscape architecture students at the BAC, to the local community, and nationally through the American Society of Landscape Architects. SASLA is about building community, extending opportunities to learn about the field of landscape architecture and related skills, and establishing a forum to promote and integrate the ideas and applications of landscape architecture.

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