Studio Q Newport Mansions Tour :: Re-cap

by Derek Camara

Last Saturday, Studio Q enjoyed a beautiful day down in Newport, RI touring the famous gilded age mansions.

First stop was the Elms Mansion, built in 1901 and modeled after the mid-18th century French chateau d'Asnieres (c.1750) outside of Paris. After our tour, we stopped for a quick lunch at the Elms Carriage House Cafe, located in the elaborate classic revival gardens behind the Elms. Next stop was the opulent Breakers Mansion, a massive Italian Renaissance 70 room 130,000 SF "summer cottage" for the Vanderbilt family, built in 1895 on the Newport coast. Last stop was the Mable House, built in 1892 with a reported 500,000 cubic feet of marble. Following the tour and concluding the day, we had tea at the Chinese Tea House, located behind the Marble House on the Newport coastal cliffs.

Click HERE to see the slide show! A special thanks goes to Atelier at the BAC for sponsoring our trip to Newport!